Fees and charges

Borrowing is free. However, there are charges for loaned items that are overdue.
Your loans can be renewed up to 3 times if there are no outstanding reservations attached. Most library items are on loan for a period for 31 days. If an item is overdue you will be charged according to our current regulations.
Days past due date, overdue fees (DKK) 0-13 years of age 14+ years of age
1-7 days DKK 5 DKK 10
8-14 days DKK 5 DKK 20
15-34 days DKK 10 DKK 50
35+ days DKK 100 DKK 200

Lost and Damaged Items
If you have lost or damaged an item that you have on loan, the following charges apply: 

Adult Fiction Book  DKK 300
Adult  Non Fiction Book  DKK 300
Children’s Fiction Book DKK 225
Children’s non Fiction Book  DKK 225
Music CD  DKK 200
Audio Book CD  DKK 1200 (MP3 DKK 250)
Children’s Audio Book CD   DKK 600 (MP3 DKK 250)
Language Course  DKK subject to license new price 
DVD/Blu-ray  DKK subject to license new price 
Inter Library Loan  DKK 550 
Special items or particularly costly items     DKK current new price

You are responsible for any item borrowed on your card.

If you lose your card, please inform the library staff at once in order to avoid misuse.

If you change your name, email, phone or move to another address, please inform the staff.