Welcome to Fredericia Public Library

Discover a world of reading! Have fun, learn and develop. Your library card provides access to books, magazines, and knowledge.

Opening Hours  

Monday–Thursday  Opens   8 AM  Close 7 PM
Friday  Opens   8 AM  Close 5 PM
Saturday  Opens 10 AM  Close 2 PM
(October to March)
 Opens   1 PM
 Close 4 PM

Membership and Library Card

Join today! Membership is free and you will have access to the collection.
You must be 18 years to register for a library card. 
You will need to provide proof of your name and address with your MitID.
Your "Sundhedskort" (National Health Insurance card) is valid as the Library card and must be presented at every loan, after succesful registration. 
Sign up for your Library Card registration with MitID 

Childrens Library Card

There is no minimum age to join your Library.
Children up to 18 years will have a childrens Library Card.
Membership is open to anyone with a permanent address.
One parents' signature must figure on a registration formula - as well figure as the financially responsible parent for the child.
The library card will then be handed out to the child at the Library.
You must be over 18 years to register your child. 
Registration form for a Children Library Card

Data protection

Your personal details are required for the creation of a library account. This information is password protected and only accessible to the Library. If you change your email or phone, please inform the staff.

Acceptance of our rules and regulations

By signing into Fredericia Library, you are accepting the Library Rules and Regulations.

Fees and charges

Borrowing is free. However, there are charges for loaned items that are overdue. Most library items are on loan for a period for 31 days.
If an item is overdue you will be charged according to our current regulations.

Lost and Damaged Items  

You are responsible for any item borrowed on your card. If you lose your card, please inform the library staff at once in order to avoid misuse. 

WiFi and Public computers

Fredericia Public Library offer free WiFi and a number of free public computers. Please note that the use of computers is monitored in order to ensure these conditions of use are observed and followed. 

You are asked to note the following: 

  • If listening to audio or video files, you are required to use headphones
  • Do not view anything likely to cause offence or embarrassment, specifically you are forbidden to view pornography 
  • Do not use the WiFi or computer to act illegally
  • No food or drinking while using the computers. This is for reasons of cleanliness and hygiene.

Saving Work

  • The public access PCs within Fredericia Public Library allows you to save your work on an USB drive.
  • If session ends unexpectedly by power cut, system reboot, etc your work, if not saved on the PC will be lost.


  • At Fredericia Public Library you have WiFi for your laptop or phone.
  • If changes to your device is required, you will need to make the changes yourself.

Print services are chargeable, the cost is based on the number of pages printed and whether mono or colour print is used.

The library collection